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Wisdom Tooth Removal for Kids in Lake Nona, FL

Extractions For A Healthy Mouth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the final set of adult teeth that usually emerge in the late teenage years to early 20s. However, these teeth are often problematic due to the lack of room in the jaw for them to properly erupt.

When wisdom teeth do surface, they can grow at an angle due to overcrowding and cause harm to neighboring molars or structural damage to the jaw. This can lead to a significant amount of pain and discomfort and may even result in the development of a cyst or infection that affects the bone, gum tissue, and existing teeth.

If you are experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth, we have just the solution for you! Dr. Jordan Jones is an expert in wisdom teeth extraction and can help you address your dental needs and ensure that you are able to maintain healthy, dazzling smiles.

Whether your case is simple or complex, Dr. Jones is here to provide the care and expertise you need to keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime!

Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

  • Swollen, red gums around back molars
  • Persistent tooth pain and jaw pain
  • Bad breath or unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Blood or pus near your molars
  • Swollen jaw or cheeks

Wisdom Teeth Can Be Problematic

Since wisdom teeth erupt so late in life, they can become problematic to neighboring teeth. It’s often necessary to have them removed, especially if neighboring teeth are impacted or if there isn’t enough room in the mouth for them to erupt properly.

Removing wisdom teeth can help prevent issues such as crowding, infection, and cysts to maintain the health of your mouth. It can also alleviate any existing pain or discomfort your child may be experiencing. 

While wisdom tooth removals may be the best treatment plan for you or your child, it’s best to have a consultation with Dr. Jones to determine if wisdom tooth removals are necessary in your specific case. 

Dr. Jones may recommend wisdom tooth removals to prevent future problems and to address any current dental problems you may have.

What Happens If Wisdom Teeth Are Left Untreated?

If wisdom teeth are left untreated, they can lead to a range of dental issues. These may include crowding of the other teeth, infection, cysts, and even damage to the jawbone. In addition to causing physical discomfort, these problems can also impact your child’s oral health and the overall appearance of their smile. In children, it’s important to monitor the development of wisdom teeth and address any issues as they arise. If your child’s wisdom teeth are causing problems such as pain or crowding, it may be necessary for a wisdom teeth extraction treatment plan to be created. This can help prevent further dental issues and ensure that your child’s oral health is maintained.

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